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Welded End Ball Valves


Weld end ball valve, also known as welded ball valve, is one of KERUI’s main products. It is used for cutting off, distributing, and changing the flowing direction of medium.


This weld end ball valve is widely applied in such pipelines as city gas, urban heating, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, steel, gas station, power plants, etc.


1. The structure of valve body is welded integrally. And the bonnet of welded ball valve is made up of PTFE seal ring and spring which are adaptable to the changing pressure and temperature. Therefore, there is no leakage phenomenon.
2. The stem of weld end ball valve is of seepage prevention structure. The bottom of stem has 1 PTFE seal gasket and 1 O-ring, and the top of stem has 2 O-rings and 2 PTFE seal gaskets, ensuring no leakage.
3. Body material of welded ball valve is the same as the pipe material, so uneven stress will not occur. Extrusion deformation caused by earthquake or vehicle through the ground will not occur, either.
4. The body of weld end ball valve is light in weight.
5. Length of valve body and height of valve stem can be adjusted according to the requirements of pipeline construction and design.
6. The ball of welded ball valve is high in working accuracy and easy to operate.
7. There are two operation modes for you to choose, that is, handle or gear (vertical/horizontal).


When choosing weld end ball valves, sizes of drift diameter, scope of pressure, medium, product materials, and using temperature should be taken into consideration.


1. Before installing welded ball valve, the medium in pipe should be cleaned.
2. When installing, some space should be left for handle to rotate.
3. To own longer operating life, customers should consider such factors as normal conditions, suitable temperature, reasonable corrosion degree, pressure ratio, etc.


1. Before putting weld end ball valve into use, pipe and valve flowing part should be cleaned to prevent from vestigital slag and other sundries.
2. The welded ball valve adopts PTEE as its sealing materials. If the pipe and the ball valve should be cleaned, users should pay much attention to stay the sealing ring perfect when dismantling.
3. When cleaning weld end ball valve, the solvent should not generate chemical reaction with the parts needed to clean, and the solvent itself should have no corrosion.
4. Please make sure the vestigital dust, oil and other attachment are completely cleaned. If water cannot achieve clean standard, users can use ethyl alcohol to clean the special parts under the circumstances that there is no damage to valve and its components. The valve and components can only be assembled after volatilization of cleaner.
5. If welded ball valve is stored in the open air for a long time, the valve body and components cannot use normally because of they may be corroded. Flange ball valves should be stored to avoid rain, water and moisture.
6. If weld end ball valve is stored for 12 months or more, it should be tested before using to guarantee stable property.

Payment and Transportation

We accept the payment by T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, etc. Our weld end ball valves can be transported by sea, railway, and airplane.