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Flanged Y Type Strainers


Flanged strainer is an essential device for medium transmission pipeline system. It is made up of body case, cover, filter element, filter mesh, etc. Flanged Y strainer is installed on pipeline and helps to remove mechanical impurities in fluid, such as hot water, cold water, oil, etc. This equipment can protect pipeline and devices (compressor, pump, display instrument and other devices) from wearing and blocking in order to keep the medium transmission pipeline system work smoothly. We have all kind of flanged strainers, such as API and DIN cast/stainless steel flanged Y strainers. It is widely applied in chemical engineering, petroleum, electricity, pharmacy, beer, food, beverage and other kinds of engineering supporting pipeline systems.

Main Applications

1. Boiler Room: Our flanged Y type strainer is installed in the front of circulating water pump to remove the impurities in hot water, and at the same time protect the equipment and pipeline from blocking and wearing. Pressure loss is 0.05 meter water column to 0.1 meter water column under rated flow velocity.
2. Steam Equipment: Flanged strainer can be mounted in the front of various kinds of steam equipment, such as steam instrument, steam trap, air compressor, etc. Pressure loss is 0.05 meter water column to 0.2 meter water column under rated flow velocity.
3. Oil Pipeline: It can be used in all kinds of devices on oil pipelines (like oil pump, oil boiler, etc.). There are several kinds of oil strainers. If classified by density of filter holes, there are 64 holes/cm2, 200 holes/cm2, and 300 holes/cm2. Pressure loss is 0.05 meter water column to 0.1 meter water column under rated flow velocity.


1. Surface of flanged strainer has been through two times shot blasting treatment which contributes to exquisite appearance.
2. Flanged Y strainer features high filtration precision and strong fouling resistance.
3. Filter mesh is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which ensures its long serve life.
4. Valve body adopts precision casting technique.
5. Cleaning, deslagging and mounting of Y type strainer are very easy and convenient.
6. All our products have passed API6D and CE certification.
7. Fast through-flow speed guarantees little pressure loss.


1. Nominal Pressure: Pressure rating of flanged strainer is determined by the maximum pressure of filtration pipeline.
2. Total area of the mesh is three to four times of sectional area of inlet pipe.
3. Size of the Mesh: When choosing mesh size, you should consider the diameter of the impurity. 4. Entrance and Exit Diameter: Generally, entrance and exit diameter of Flanged Y strainer should not be smaller than the entrance diameter of the supporting pump, and agree with the diameter of entrance pipeline.
5. Material of Filter: Material of Y strainer is similar with pipeline it connects. You can choose casting iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel Y filters considering your different serving conditions.


Product Name Flanged Strainer
Material Stainless Steel
Application Fluid Filtration
Medium Applicable Water

Operating Pressure Environment Normal Pressure
Operating Pressure Difference 2KG
Connection Type Flange Connection
Shape Right Angle Type

Working Principle

The diameter of filter mesh is smaller than the impurities. When the fluid flows through flanged strainer, the solid particles are blocked by the filter mesh and piled up on the mesh, and purified liquid flows out from the exit of flanged Y strainer.


1. Please clean flanged strainer so as to remove the impurities piled up on strainer mesh at initial working period (usually within the first week). After the first week, please clean the equipment regularly. If there is no drain plug on your filter, please dismount mesh stopper and mesh for cleaning.
2. Please separate the Flanged Y strainer from pressure device before cleaning, and reinstall new gasket after cleaning.


1. Our flanged strainers can be paid by T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C or according to your requirement.
2. Products can be transported by sea, railway or air.