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API Flanged Cast Steel Globe Valve

API flanged cast steel globe valve is a kind of valve that the valve disc moves along valve seat central line. Due to this moving form, the seat changes and the disc stroke are in direct proportion. On the other hand, when starting or stopping, the valve stem stroke is quite short. As a result, flanged globe valve is particularly fit for regulating water flow.
API flanged cast steel globe valve mainly comprises valve body, disc, shaft pin and valve stem.
API flanged cast steel globe valve is broadly employed as regulation and cut-off device on such pipelines as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical products, foodstuff, medicine, textile, electricity, ship, metallurgy and energy system.
1. Compared with similar brands, our API flanged cast steel globe valve has advantages of good sealing, small friction between sealing faces and long service life.
2. It needs small torque to open.
3. The valve body is precisely molten.
4. The surface is fine and smooth after two shot blasting treatments.
5. The valve disc is processed by CNC technology.
(1) API flanged cast steel globe valve is much simpler in structure, manufacturing and maintenance compared with gate valve.
(2) Since disc and valve sealing face have no relative sliding, abrasion and scratch are neither serious. Besides, the sealing face is not easy to abrade.
(3) When starting and stopping flanged globe valve, disc stroke is short. Therefore, its height is a bit lower than that of gate valve, but the structure length is longer.
(4) Inside flange cast steel globe valve, medium passway is quite zigzag, so the hydraulic resistance is large, leading to big power consumption.
(5) When the nominal pressure of medium flow direction is not more than 16MPa, medium upflows from lower disc. When the pressure is no less than 20MPa, medium flows down from upper disc so as to enhance sealing performance. When in use, glove valve medium is unidirectional and its flow direction can not be changed.
(6) The valve stem axis of flange cast steel globe valve is perpendicular to valve seat sealing face.
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