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API Flanged Cast Steel Swing Type Check Valve

API flanged cast steel swing check valve is an automatic valve that is installed on one-way flow pipelines. It is mainly made up of valve body, disc, bonnet and gasket. This cast steel check valve is used to prevent reverse flow and leakage of medium, such as fluid, gas, etc. This flanged check valve opens and closes automatically depending on force from media flowing. It allows medium to flow through it in only one direction, and prevents reverse direction flow. Disc will open under the pressure of forward flow fluid. When fluid flows in reverse direction, the disc will be closed by fluid pressure and dead weight so as to cut off the flow. This type of pipe valve is also applied to stop reversal of pump and driving motor.
Application of Cast Steel Check Valve
API flanged cast steel swing check valve can be widely applied in pipeline systems, such as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and other pipeline systems.
1. Two times shot blasting processing of valve surface make this flanged check valve look fine and smooth.
2. CNC processing and precision casting technologies are adopted to produce disc.
3. Small friction between sealing surfaces ensures low wear rate of this cast steel check valve.
4. Disc is with high strength and stiffness. The sealing surface of valve disc can be customized.
5. Disc restrainer is designed to prevent the situation that open position of disc is too high to be shut down.
6. High strength solid axis pin is installed precisely. It ensures excellent performance and long service life of valve.
7. The rocker is with high strength. It can make enough space for valve to close.
8. Our API flanged cast steel swing check valves have passed CE certification.
Classification of Cast Steel Check Valve
1. Single Plate Swing Check Valve
2. Dual Plate Swing Check Valve
3. Multiple Plate Swing Check Valve
Wenzhou Kerui Valve Industry Co., LTD specializes in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling flanged check valves. Main products include ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves and strainers. All of our cast steel check valves have reached the standard of US API and Germany DIN. Our API flanged cast steel swing check valves are exported to Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Spain, France, England, Sweden, Dubai, Arab, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.