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DBB Threaded Ball Valve


DBB (Double Block and Bleed) valves are a space-saving dual isolation solution that reduces the need for costly multi-valve systems. By combining all block and bleed components into a single unit, DBB valves are compact in structure, light in weight and good in sealing performance. DBB valves in KERUI have three different types, that is, flange type, welded type and threaded type. We can customize these valves according to your specifications.


DBB threaded ball valve can be widely used in such pipelines as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems, etc.


1. DBB threaded ball valve features excellent sealing performance, low friction between sealing surfaces and long service life.
2. The body of this DBB valve is cast in precision. Thus it is good in performance. The surface is finished twice, thus it is smooth and bright. The bonnet is processed by numerical control machine.
3. KERUI has been awarded by ISO9001:2008 international system certification, API 6D certification, CE certification, etc.


1. Sealing materials can be chosen based on media involved to strengthen sealing performance and wear resistance, reducing cost.
2. Our DBB threaded ball valves are guaranteed within 18 months and enjoy lifelong technical service.


DBB threaded ball valve is mainly composed of valve body, bonnet, ball, valve stem, valve seat, sealing materials, etc.
No. Part Name ASTM Material
Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
1 Bonnet ASME A105 A352-LCB A217+WCB A351-CF8 A351-CF8M
2 Spring INCLONEL750 A313-304 A313-316 A313-316 A313-316
3 Seat O Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton Viton
4 Seat ASME A105+ENP A350-LF2 +ENP A182+F316 A182-F304 A182-F316
5 Seat Ring PTFE PTFE R.PTFE Glass Filled PTFE
6 Stud A193-B7 A320-L7 A193-B7 A193-B8 A193-B8
7 Connection Plate ASTM A105 A352-LCB A217-WC6 A351-CF8 A351-CF8
8 Packing Case F4
9 Grease Injection Valve SS
10 Stem O Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton Viton
11 Stem A182 F6a A276-304 A276-316 A276-304 A276-316
12 Ball ASTM A105+ENP A182-F304 A182-F316 A182-F304 A182-F316
13 Body ASTM A105 A352-LCB A217-WCB A351-CFB A351-CF8M
14 Trunnion A276-304 A276-316 A276-304 A276-316
15 Lower Cover ASTMA105 A352-LCB A217-WCB A351-CFB A351-CF8M

Structure of DBB Threaded Ball Valve

Standards of DBB Threaded Ball Valve

Pressure Rating: ASTM B16.5
Flange End: ASME B16.5
Temperature: -53~1000℉(10~537℃)
Full Port: 3/8~ 2in- (9.5MM~50.8MM)

Parts and Functions

1. Whole valve structure: no leakage
2. Independent handle (nut): fix stem without handle
3. Ball valve
4. Stainless handle and cover: strengthen corrosion-resistance performance
5. Bleeder valve
6. Ball valve
7. Load and elastic seat: guarantee sealing performance in high/low temperature or low voltage condition
8. O-ring: guarantee sealing performance in various condition
9. Flange sealing surface has smooth and sawtooth types. Dimensions of DBB Threaded Ball Valve