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3PC Threaded Ball Valve


3PC screwed end ball valve, also known as 3PC threaded ball valve, is easy to open and close, just needing to rotate 90°. This ball valve is mainly utilized for cutting off, distributing and altering the flowing direction of medium. It features small volume, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. 3PC screwed end ball valve is not easily corroded by medium, thus it is widely used in water, oil, natural gas and weak corrosive liquid.


1. KERUI has complete quality systems, such as ISO 9001:2008 certification, API 6D certification, CE certification, etc.
2. Our company pays much attention to technology transformation, process improvement and structure optimization, leading high quality of our products.
3. All valves including 3PC screwed end ball valve are strictly inspected before into storage, thus ensuring stability of our products.
4. KERUI has optimal after-sale service, winning widespread recognition and praise.


1. The sealing materials (like PTFE, PPL, and carbon fiber) are of good self-lubrication, low friction loss, stable property, wide range of application and excellent sealing performance. They greatly prolong the products’ service life, reducing maintenance cost.
2. The ball of 3PC screwed end ball valve is of floating type. Under the pressure of medium, the ball will generate a degree of displacement and press tightly on the sealing surface of exit end, guaranteeing sealing performance of exit end.

Main Component of 3PC Screwed End Ball Valve

Main Parts And Materials
NO. Part Name Material QTY
1 Nut 304/316 4
2 Stem Washer 304/316 4
3 Body CF8/CF8M 1
4 Bolt 304/316 4
5 Joint Ring PTFE 2
6 Cap CF8/CF8M 2
7 Ball 304/316 1
8 Stem 304/316 1
9 Thrust Washer PTFE 1
10 Joint Gasket PTFE 1
11 Gland Nut 304/316 1
12 Stem Washer 304/316 1
13 Stem Nut 304/316 1
14 Handle 304/316 1
15 Handle Cover Plastic 1

Technical Parameters of 3PC Screwed End Ball Valve

Design Standard : GB/T12224, GB/T8464
Pressure-Temperature Rating: GB/T12224
Face to Face Standard: G, Rc, Rp, NPT, BSP, DIN259/2999
Test Standard: GB/T 13927
Material: WCB, CF8 (304), CF8M (316)
Operated Way: Handle, Actuator, Electric