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DBB Flanged Ball Valve


DBB (Double Block and Bleed) flanged ball valve is off-line repairable. Prior to maintaining the valve, bring the double block and bleed valve to the open position, ensuring to release line pressure and drain all trapped media from the valve cavity. Keep the valve in the open position and remove all but one body bolt, so the valve body can be removed from its installed position and be brought out of the pipeline. In this position, it is easy to replace all internal parts and then swing the body back to its original position.


DBB flanged ball valve is commonly used in such pipelines as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems, etc.


1. DBB flanged ball valve is compact in structure and light in weight, saving space and reducing installation time.
2. This double block and bleed valve minimizes the risk of furnace explosion and increases system reliability.
3. Sealing materials can be chosen based on media to strength sealing performance and wear resistance, reducing cost.
4. Our double block and bleed valves are guaranteed within 18 months and enjoy lifelong technical service.

Structure of DBB Flanged Ball Valve

No. Part Name ASTM Material
Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
1 Bonnet ASME A105 A352-LCB A217+WCB A351-CF8 A351-CF8M
2 Spring INCLONEL750 A313-304 A313-316 A313-316 A313-316
3 Seat O Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton Viton
4 Seat ASME A105+ENP A350-LF2 +ENP A182+F316 A182-F304 A182-F316
5 Seat Ring PTFE PTFE R.PTFE Glass Filled PTFE
6 Stud A193-B7 A320-L7 A193-B7 A193-B8 A193-B8
7 Connection Plate ASTM A105 A352-LCB A217-WC6 A351-CF8 A351-CF8
8 Packing Case F4
9 Grease Injection Valve SS
10 Stem O Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton Viton
11 Stem A182 F6a A276-304 A276-316 A276-304 A276-316
12 Ball ASTM A105+ENP A182-F304 A182-F316 A182-F304 A182-F316
13 Body ASTM A105 A352-LCB A217-WCB A351-CFB A351-CF8M
14 Trunnion A276-304 A276-316 A276-304 A276-316
15 Lower Cover ASTMA105 A352-LCB A217-WCB A351-CFB A351-CF8M

Specifications of DBB Flanged Ball Valve

1. Double block and bleed ball valve bore, 4-24″ 100-600 mm
2. Double block and bleed ball valve pressure, 150LB~2500LB, 1.6Mpa~32Mpa
3. Full Port Design
4. Bolted Bonnet Split Body
5. Three Pieces Body
6. Trunnion Mounted Ball Type
7. Blow Out Proof Stem
8. Fire Safe Construction
9. Anti Statics Device
10. ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

Standards and Tests

1. Design Standard: API 6D
2. Face to Face: ASME B16.10
3. End Flanges: ASME B16.5
4. Inspection and Test: API 598