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API Flanged Cast Steel Bellows Seal Gate Valve


The API bellows seal gate valve is of flange end and made up of cast steel. This cast steel gate valve is applicable for cutting and connecting medium in pipelines. It is often used in various industries pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, electric power plants, etc. This kind of flanged gate valve should not be used for regulating flow, unless they are specifically designed for that purpose.


1. API bellows seal gate valve is easy to open and close.
2. Due to its high height, this cast steel gate valve takes longer time to open and close, thus leading low frequency of water hammer phenomenon.
3. Featuring simple structure and excellent technique, flanged gate valves can be applied in various fields.
4. Stem of API bellows seal gate valve adopts bellows and the packing part adopts dual sealing structure, ensuring no leakage, best suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic and expensive medium pipelines. Bellows uses stainless steel or inconel material, reasonable in structure, thus guaranteeing longer service life.


1. The opening torque of API bellows seal gate valve is small.
2. Valve body of cast steel gate valve is cast in precision, having high corrosion resistance.
3. Valve clacks are machined by CNC.
4. It characterizes good sealing performance, low friction and long service life.
5. These flanged gate valves are guaranteed within first 18 months.

Main Components

API bellows seal gate valve is mainly composed of valve body, wedge disc, bonnet, gland, bellows, bolts and nuts, gasket, etc.



1. When choosing API bellows seal gate valves, customers should attach much importance on working pressure and temperature, sealing performance, diameter, structure, connection size and medium involved.
2. Before installing this cast steel gate valve, please check valve body, sealing surface and other parts to avoid any dirt attachment.
3. The installing position, height and the direction of entrance and exit should be complied with the design specifications. Bolts at any connection joint should be fastened.
4. Customers should pay attention to valve type, connection size and flowing direction of fluids, to guarantee consistency with the gate valve to be installed.
5. When installing, some space should be left for this kind of flanged gate valve to actuate.
6. The connection of actuating device should be strictly conformed to circuit diagram.


1. Hand wheel, handle, and transmission structure of API bellows seal gate valve cannot be lifted up and down.
2. Dual valves should be installed vertically, that’s to say, the stem is in vertical direction and handle wheel is at the top.
3. If by-pass valve is combined with this cast steel gate valve, the by-pass valve should be open first to balance the entrance and exit’s pressure and reduce the opening force.
4. If these flanged gate valves are used frequently, please lubricate them at least once per month. And they should be maintained regularly.

Payment, Package and Transportation

We accept such payments as T/T, D/P, D/A, or L/C. Our API bellows seal gate valves will be packed in standard wooden boxes and delivered by railway, sea, or airplane.